A One Hour Virtual Educational Package

For over 45 years, Chamber Theatre Productions has been touring the country with a mission to provide students with dramatized literary stories to support their work in the classroom. Now we have added a suite of customized, virtual programs available for delivery directly to your classroom! The Midnight Collection features five works of the great Edgar Allan Poe, including The Tell Tale Heart, The Raven, Annabel Lee, A Dream Within a Dream, and The Bells. The program includes dramatizations of the stories and poems, an audio poem, an animated biography of Poe’s life, exclusive interviews with the creative team, study guides, and other fun educational activities designed exclusively for in-class participation!

Pricing Breakdown

Includes an animated Poe bio, three films, an immersive audio poem, animated poem "A Dream Within a Dream", study guides & activities, and interviews with the actors & directors!


*To pay by check or PO email: [email protected]

or call 617-542-9155

**Please Note: a new Sales Tax was passed placing a new tax on online "courses", which includes The Midnight Collection.

If you are from a school or non for-profit business that has tax exemption, please e-mail your tax exemption form to [email protected]**

Classroom learning rental (teacher price) - $100

Rental begins at the time of purchase

We Now Offer Teacher Group Rates!

Exclusively available for multiple teachers at the same school.

2 Teachers - $175 ($100 for first teacher, $75 for second)
3 Teachers - $225 ($100 for first, $75 for second, $50 for third)
4 Teachers - $275 ($100 for first, $75 for second, $50 for third, $50 for fourth)

*please email [email protected] to purchase*

Animated Biography

Follow Poe's life from his humble beginnings, to his tragic death. Included in this all encompassing biography is not only the story of his life, but also an in depth look at his style of writing and literary theory.

Visual Stories and Poems

The collection features three live action films set against a haunting gothic castle. Each film has its own unique aesthetic and works to transport its viewers into the twisted mind of America's most influential writer!

An Immersive Audio Experience

Become engrossed in one of Edgar Allan Poe's most musical poems! With our audio production of The Bells our listeners can clearly track the distinct changes of tone Poe intended his readers to experience.


  About Poe
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  The Raven
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  The Tell-Tale Heart
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  Annabel Lee
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  A Dream Within a Dream
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  The Bells
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  Bonus Content
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